Options for Help with Microplex Products

This document discusses how to get help with the Microplex product line. It covers:


The first step when problems are encountered with any product is to look to the product manual and release notes (if provided). More specifically, Microplex product manuals provide troubleshooting sections offerering key suggestions to help fix the problem.

Web Site Support

If the supporting manuals and release notes aren't helpful enough, further documentation can be obtained from Microplex's Web site.

Click on "Techical Support" once at the Microplex home page to enter the Technical Support page, a centralized area for locating product distribution files ( firmware upgrade files, software utilities, documentation) as well as additional support related forms and documents.

Microplex Technical Support Department

If assistance is still required at this point, Microplex's Technical Support department can be reached using any of these options:
  1. Email support@microplex.com ,
  2. Call +1 604 468-2444 and ask for Technical Support.
Note: Email usually guarantees the quickest response. If calling by phone, a queueing system is in effect to help the Support technicians get through each customer in a fair and orderly way. This generally means waiting a bit for a call back.

However, before contacting the Support department, be sure to have the following information on hand to help speed up the support process:

  1. product serial number found on the bottom of the device,
  2. product firmware version if known,
  3. description of the network environment in use (e.g. Netscape v6.02 on a Windows XP station),
  4. description of the problem.

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